Office Moves and Business Relocation

Planning an office move, in and around London, and need to transfer your business phone system? Mint Network can help.

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How much time should I allow for an office move?

An office move is a major upheaval for businesses.  Many assume, sometimes wrongly, that because the new office is in a better area, it will have a better local technology infrastructure.

Some of the most stress-free office moves engage with us six weeks or more before moving. However, we have an agile team and can often deliver solutions in two to three weeks but this allows less available time if we run into bottlenecks or delays. 


So, when thinking about relocating your business or office phone system in or near London, Mint Network can help but remember to leave time for planning.

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Can we help with cabling and hardware configuration?

Mint Network will advise if the infrastructure and wiring are up to standard and if not, what’s required to get you there. 

Sometimes, this requires thorough testing or complete rewiring to make sure it’s working as it should. We can advise on comms cabinet location and also the state of the Internet in the area. 

We can help you install CAT5 or CAT6 cabling, CCTV and WiFi, whether from scratch or built upon the existing network already in place. 


Our objective is to ensure you have sufficient connection points for your new office plan. We are then able to connect the hardware ready for use.

Can you take your own number with you?

Not being able to take your telephone number to your new office location is now a thing of the past. VoIP telephone system technology enables you to take your number wherever you go. 

We even have clients who have set up call centre offices in India and calling out as if they are based in the UK. 

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Can you redirect an old number to a new one?

The answer is clear, yes. Although, with modern VoIP telephone systems, you have more control. 


For example, if you want to divert a number, whether on an ad hoc basis or more permanently, you can do it at a click of the button. You don’t need to wait for BT OpenReach to do this, but instead, you can do this instantaneously through VoIP, as and when you need—and without charge.

What System is Right for Me?

The great debate: a cloud-based VoIP vs a premise-based telephone system. 

Which is better?

Our approach is always to lead through consultation to find the best system from the perspective of your business requirements and then apply the different technologies to address your business needs.

That said, let’s have a look at the differences between two systems:

Advantages of a Cloud-Based VoIP Telephone System

  1. It’s easy to budget as calls within the UK apart from non-geographic numbers are included in the price per license.
  2. New technology is constantly changing, and new features and upgrades are automatically offered to existing users at no extra cost.
  3. Large cloud-based network providers, which Mint Network uses, like Cisco, BT, Gamma and RingCentral are investing millions in new technology, so traditional on-premise systems find it hard to stay up-to-date.
  4. Cloud VoIP telephone system includes very nice, large colour displays which come as part of the license included. Our hardware is guaranteed throughout the life of the contract.
  5. Office moves and changes are straightforward. For as long as you have a suitably configured Internet connection you just unplug the handset from one site and connect in the other—no need to divert calls or wait for OpenReach to install the lines.
  6. Since you can port the number to any location, there’s no need for rebranding with new contact details.
  7. Loss of Internet connection can be a disaster and could lead to a total loss of service. However, if you are unfortunate to suffer a total loss of service, the phones are pre-programmed to default to your mobiles automatically. Furthermore, our VoIP telephone system comes with an app for mobiles which work off the 3G/4G/5G connection so you will continue to benefit from full functionality.
  8. Home workers and offshore offices benefit and because the servers are based in the UK, all the calls between sites are classed as internal or local calls.
  9. Call recording and call monitoring are much more cost-effective and easier to use.

Advantages of Premise-Based VoIP Telephone System

  1. Your company purchases the hardware as a one-off cost, and you own the asset. Therefore you have full control of the system.
  2. Because you do not have the cost of the licenses, all you need is to purchase the handset, and it’s yours.
  3. Ongoing costs are lower as you do not need to pay for license costs, but you do not get upgrades and new features unless you pay for them, which is an additional investment.
  4. On-premise-based equipment can be upgraded to have VoIP, i.e. with SIP trunks and you can still benefit from cheaper international calls and free calls to UK local, national and mobile destinations.
  5. On-premise phone systems can accommodate SIP trunks as well as traditional digital or analogue lines, so in the event of Internet failure, calls can default to traditional technology until the Internet service is restored.
  6. You need to ensure that you have IT staff who can maintain and support your system. In most cases, you will not be able to make any moves, changes or upgrades by yourself so having a reliable and trusted partner, like Mint Network, will provide you with quality advice and support on all your technology needs.
  7. An on-premise system is great value for residential homes and companies who have a low requirement for making outbound calls because once you have paid off your investment, you own the asset and ongoing costs are lower.
  8. You can have digital or analogue lines supplied by Virgin, BT, SIP trunks from Gamma or Daisy and maintenance with another company. So, you have a diversity of suppliers. 

Like any important technology decision, there are pros and cons. If you are struggling in deciding on an on-premise, cloud or hybrid between the two, Mint Network can provide clarity with a free consultancy call.