CCTV Installtion

Looking for a CCTV installation in and around London?

Retail theft was estimated to cost a staggering £193m in 2019. This does not include the psychological impacts of intruders entering your business or home premises and potentially committing acts of violence against your staff or family members.

If your workplace doesn’t feel secure, your staff’s wellbeing may be exposed, and their morale could be reduced as they are not willing to work in environments where they no longer feel protected.

Thanks to the latest technology from Hik Vision, Mint Network can install CCTV security systems which will help protect and deter potential intruders targeting your business.

The CCTV technology we use captures high-definition images of your premises 24×7, and you’ll be notified of any suspicious behaviour via a mobile phone app or email.

Digital Video Image and Storage

HIK Vision’s technology includes embedded NVRs for megapixel IP cameras. Images are stored on a network video recorder, and our team of engineers will help determine the best recording solution and set up for your CCTV cameras.

We are constantly updating our CCTV installation product range to include the most innovative solutions on the market. Our choice of cameras will be from a recognised equipment manufacturer so you can be sure we have the right solution for your business.

Mobile Monitoring

You can access your CCTV footage from anywhere using Wi-Fi or data on your desktop computer or mobile phone. You’ll be able to view alarm events as soon as someone crosses certain security parameters, which are predefined by you.


When suspicious activity is detected, notifications are sent from the security camera by email or an iOS/Android app, or both. This provides peace of mind and allows you to respond to potential threats quickly.

Camera Choices

Our standard CCTV cameras offer a fixed or a 360 view of your premises. We provide compact and discrete devices or imitation options to deter potential intruders.

Our team will discuss your requirement in detail to help decide what camera is most suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We also have day and night cameras which have a built-in dark fighter technology that uses infrared to capture images in the dark up to 30 meters away.

All our CCTV and security camera installations in and around London, come with ongoing support where required.