Cloud (VoIP) Business Phones Systems

Leverage the innovation of the Internet with a scalable phone system that can easily grow with your business.

What is a Cloud-Based (VoIP) Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system allows you to make calls over the internet and replaces the need for a traditional on-premise phone system. It works by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to connect business calls to your customers and reduces the need for expensive phone cabling and maintenance.

Cloud-Based Phone System

VoIP phone systems have the flexibility to connect office workers, home workers and mobile workers through one central system. A VoIP system relies on less hardware at your office, so it’s easier and quicker to scale as your business grows. 

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

100% Scalable

100% Scalable

As your business grows, you’ll hire new employees and onboard new customers. You’ll be able scale up — or down — as the need arises.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Small businesses that switch to VoIP phone systems reduce locals calls by up to 40% and 90% on international calls (source

Geographic Flexibility

Geographic Flexibility

You don’t need to be at your desk to make cloud-based calls. You can be on your mobile, on your laptop or second office.

Extended Functionality

Extended Functionality

Add enhanced telephony functionality. For example, enable call routing to your mobile first and landline second.

Software Integration

Software Integration

VoIP systems allow you to integrate phone calls into your favourite software. Many CRMs allow for cloud-based calls and tracking.

Less Maintenance

Less Maintenance

Focus on growing your business and not maintaining it. Cloud-based phone systems are straightforward and efficient.

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How Can Mint Network Help?

Mint Network offer the most cost-effective VoIP telephone system for your business. We provide the best return on your investment, and can offer both on-premise and off-premise solutions.

Our unique approach CONSULT, DESIGN and BUILD means we first completely understand your business requirements. After that, we work with you to design the solution which meets your criteria both now and in the future. And finally, because we are vendor-independent and use any VoIP providers, we can build either an on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid that delivers the best value to suit your business needs.

Because of our position and expertise in the industry, we can migrate you step-by-step and offer a seamless transfer to the new technology which will provide NO interruption to business.

We are flexible and work 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We work out of hours to minimise disruption to your staff and business.

We are experts at what we do, and we pride ourselves with our workmanship and attention to detail. Our DESIGN and BUILD methodologies are proven, and if something is not possible, we will tell you at the CONSULT stage, so there are no surprises.

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown we live in unprecedented times and highlighted the requirement for systems which allow your business to seamlessly adapt to changing environments. A VoIP telephone system keeps you prepared for every eventuality. The in-system apps enable our customers to stay connected while working from home or on the move.

Most of our competitors advertise apps, BUT many will not tell you that they do not all work from home. This is often due to your home wifi network not being configured correctly.

While other providers will tell you what you need to change on your router, we are different. Our engineers will offer you a solution and when required, a free home visit to sort out the problem, even if we do not provide broadband to your home. It’s because we care about our clients that we go the extra mile.

Providing the gold standard in help, support and customer satisfaction is a key metric in everything we do at Mint Network.

Our UK and London based customers regularly give us a 5-star customer rating for customer satisfaction, service and experience. We embrace our customer’s challenges and ensure we resolve them in record time.

We offer premium service response times across all our products and services which include guaranteed response times. As a digital phone consultancy company, we achieve this thanks to the carefully selected VoIP providers and by charging a small premium on services which we pass onto our suppliers and customers alike.

A cloud-based telephone system means that all the intelligence and functionality is performed offsite and in a central and secured location.

The hardware or handsets on our client’s sites connect to the central brain using an internet connection. Therefore all the handsets connected to the same company are treated as internal, and any calls between sites or extensions are FREE of cost. This also applies to any calls transferred internally.

Because the calls are made over the Internet, the charges payable to international carriers are a lot less so you will benefit from these cost savings.

We are aware that some companies like BT offer packages which include “free” international calls, but they are NOT FREE. They are packages which means they will charge you the extra cost per handset or line per month. They estimate how many calls you make and offer you exactly that – a “package” which includes international minutes. So, if you make under the allowance, they will profit, and if you go over, they will charge you a hefty premium for every call you made, so they profit even more.

Whether you are looking for call routing, smart voicemail, call reporting, software integration or some other advanced business phone feature, Mint Network can help.

As a vendor-independent phone company, we listen to your requirements and can guide you through solutions to meet your exact needs. If you are not sure what features you require, our engineers will discuss options available and the most appropriate solution for your business.

Why Mint Network?

Telecoms Made Easy

Telecoms Made Easy

We provide phone systems that are simple and scalable, so they won't hold you back when your business grows.

20 Years Experience

20 Years Experience

Our highly skilled experts will help you choose the best telephone system from trusted and award-winning companies.

Support You Can Rely On

Support You Can Rely On

Get field-based engineering support that's tailored to your needs and provides an advantage over your competitors.


You can expect the same call quality when comparing a VoIP system to a standard phone line. 


Our Cisco routers are optimised to separate voice and data to ensure your handsets deliver a smooth and high definition call.

Our world leading telephone monitoring system will verify that your Internet speeds are quick enough and if small outages are detected, our support engineers will be notified.

A cloud-based telephone system is often referred to as a ‘hosted voice’ or VoIP phone system and is located in secure data centres away from your office. A premise-based telephone system consists of hardware purchased by the client and is based on the client’s premises.

A cloud-based phone solution is almost always cheaper in upfront costs when compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

Over time, a premise-based phone system sometimes works out cheaper than a cloud-based system due to lower monthly costs, but this depends on your requirements, how many users you have and other factors.

Mint Network can help with a free phone consultation to work out which option is the most cost-effective for your business.

Understandably, some people worry that voice traffic over the Internet can be intercepted and listened to by hackers. However, small and large corporations are transferring millions of files this way every day and in a perfectly safe way.

It’s safe when you take precautions and choose the right cloud-based phone system. Precautions include making sure your cybersecurity is up-to-date, and messages are encrypted. Passwords need to be secure and safe, which is why our apps do not allow individuals to customise their passwords.

Mint Network can help you choose a leading telephone provider with robust security. Additionally, when we programme your phone system, we put additional security measures in place. For example, if your calls start to exceed certain parameters or limits, Mint Network is notified, and our service team will call you back to check if calls are legitimate.

Unlike with calls made over the traditional digital network, where you need to wait for a whole billing run (30 days) to find out what calls you made, with VoIP you can view this data within a few minutes of the call.