Custom Business Phone Systems

Looking for a custom business telephone system? There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” – that’s why we personalise a solution for you.

There’s No Such Thing as “One Size Fits All”

Your business is different. From how you differentiate yourself from the competition, to how you deliver on the services to your customers. Your approach is unique to you.

But most business phone systems providers offer generic solutions. Instead of reviewing what your business needs and providing a perfect-for-you solution, you end up with a mass of features you do not need and are often hard to maintain.

So we set out to build something simple, something elegant, something for you… a custom business solution that makes it easy to connect with your customers and adapts as your business grows.

Here’s our three-step process to building a bespoke telephony business solution that’s right for your business:



Consult to Understand Your Unique Requirements

In the consulting stage, we understand at a high level what type of project you require, whether its an upgrade, replacement or office move. Our objective is to build a relationship with you and to get an idea of the scope of work required.

Next, we lead with questions and a site survey where you let us know how your current system is laid out and what parts are working well and not so well. Our engineers can detect whether any assets or telephone lines are redundant and this helps reduce the costs of paying for items which you don’t need.

A solid assessment of the current estate combined with a good fact-finding exercise about your business operations will enable us to make significant strides in designing and building a future-proof business telephone solution.

We like to get an idea of the budgets involved, number of employees and approximate time scales and deadlines. We offer guidance in the steps and lead ties involved in sourcing specific products. We understand that budgeting can be a troubling topic to discuss, and we always try to provide a straight answer, so it gives you the best chance to weigh, compare and prioritise differing solutions.



Design a Perfect-For-You Business Phone Solution

Mint Network is an independent vendor. We engage with multiple vendors, network suppliers and sometimes your existing suppliers and project managers to design a solution which will help deliver innovation and technology.

Our process typically involves:

  1. Analysis of in-depth discussions regarding your current system and requirements.
  2. Interpreting information about how you would like to use the system.
  3. Comparison of technologies and understanding the advantages and disadvantages which are relevant to your business.
  4. Developing a migration patch.
  5. Understanding your other suppliers which may be impacted by the change. CRM solutions and integration into the telephone systems.
  6. Understanding the training requirements and roll-out plans.
  7. Factoring deadlines from third party suppliers and impact on timescales and risks involved.

You will be working with the same consultant from the start of the conversation to the design and implementation stage, so that you will benefit from the consistency throughout the process. Our highly-skilled engineer takes responsibility for deliverables on all aspects of the project implementation and most importantly any on-going service support.



Build a Custom Phone System That Works Seamlessly

Our experience in both telecommunications infrastructure and IT means that we can deploy complex and multi-site projects. At the build stage, we invest all of our time in delivering the agreed solution, ensuring project plans stay on track, and reduce any risks or delays 

Premise based telephone systems and Cloud VoIP solutions require maintenance throughout the life of the system. Your office requirements evolve as your business grows, and your office layout will typically change. Mint Network engineers will always be there to rise to these challenges–our interest does not stop once we have handed over the solution.

Unlike other companies, we like the small business culture and do NOT change our personnel on a whim. Our technicians are often working with the same client for a number of years.