Here are a selection of our popular phones:

If you’re looking for extensions hardware, we can help you make the right choice and implement into your system.

Phone Lines

Every business needs an efficient and cost effective telephone system and Phone Lines. We offer: phone lines, small office phone systems, for an efficient and smooth running of your buisness. Mint Network can provide an individually tailored package for your company. Factoring in your current deal, future capacity requirements and technology upgrades we can structure a commercial proposal that fits comfortably within your budget for procurement of business phone lines, which can be either ISDN30, ISDN2 or analogue lines.
We offer:
  • Cheaper Business Call Rates.
  • Reduced Line Rentals for Digital and Analogue.
  • Simplified tariffs and billing.
Simple to switch
It is very easy to switch to us. You keep your existing numbers and we handle the entire process, so your business continues to operate smoothly. There is no impact on your staff, all calls are automatically routed, so no complicated prefix dialling is required.
Cheaper Business Calls
We achieve cost savings by purchasing wholesale packages from the major Tier 1 networks. The technology used to access these networks is ‘state of the art’ and the savings are passed onto our customers in the form of cheaper business call costs.
Line Rentals
The same purchasing power is used to obtain substantial savings on line rentals. Whoever your current supplier may be, we believe we can offer cheaper line rentals for your business.
UK based support
For help and advice our friendly staff are always on hand to deal with your enquiries.