Hybrid Phone Systems

Every business communication requirement is different. Whether you need a simple hybrid phone systems, analogue system with traditional desk based hand sets or an advanced IP based network communications system, you can rest assured that Panasonic has the system that would fit your business needs. The beauty of hybrid phone systems lies in the very comprehensive feature set and their mix-and- match capabilities make them quite unique in the market place. Each system can mix and match analogue, digital and IP phone sets to work with almost any application. In addition to this hybrid phone systems has extensive functionality built – in which enables the integration of branches, work-at-home employees and remote workers. Our consultative approach at Mint Network means that we will spend a great deal of time to understand your present and future requirements in order to match the telephone system which is right for your business both now and in the future. The flexibility of Hybrid Phone systems is making them fast become a popular choice for business telecommunications needs. Panasonic Handsets Brochure