Non-Geographical Numbers

What are non-geographical numbers?

Non-geographical phone numbers are not allocated to specific phone lines and can be purchased by companies. They don’t give any information as to the location of the number dialled, and calls can be redirected to any other phone number, including landlines, mobiles or international numbers. The most common non-geographical prefixes are numbers starting with 0844, 0845 and 0870, and so-called ‘premium’ numbers starting with 09 for example.

What are the benefits of non-geographical numbers?

Non-geographical numbers will give your company or not-for-profit organisation remarkable flexibility. If your team is often out of the office, they will still be able to take their calls at any time, wherever they are, with no added cost to your customers. Another advantage of non-geographical numbers is that some numbers such as those beginning with 0844 are ‘revenue sharing’, meaning that your business will receive some income from phone calls, offsetting some of the cost of keeping a customer service team for example.

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