Digital Phone Systems

Solution highlights

We generally install Panasonic digital phone systems to our London and South East based clients such as the reliable Panasonic KD-TDA digital phone system or NS700, which can cater for up to 1000 users. Panasonic Digital phone systems can be integrated with your existing IT systems and using a combination of advance telephone features and IP enabled applications we can offer a product which is fully customised and scalable according to your office needs. If being out-of-touch with your clients is not an option for your business, Panasonic have the right solution for you which will allow your colleagues, clients and stakeholders to communicate and work together no matter where you are based.

Communication Solutions for your Business

Panasonic is the number 1 provider of small to medium sized office telephone systems. Its main advantage is not only the-state-of-the-art technology but its extremely robust and scalable and will outlive most of its competitors making it a sound business investment decision. Panasonic office solutions provide and support full suit of Analogue or Digital handsets, IP Conference Speaker Phones, built in wireless DECT handsets and IP network cameras. The NCP500, NS1000 and newly launched NS700 range support a wide range of CTI applications as well as SIP trunking services which could save considerable sums of money on telephone line rental and enable you to optimise your investment in the data network. Most of these systems have been purchased by companies from start-ups to those with a large number of employees. Panasonic office systems can link every aspect of your business, particularly if you have multiple offices or plan on expand. Mint Network engineers can integrate the system across different locations improving communication throughout your business. The seamless integration of remote office workers into the central hub may allow for example all your incoming calls on the desk phone to automatically ring on your mobile device. Examples of our Panasonic digital phone systems can be seen on the following pages: