Tips on Buying a System

  1. Before you start even researching what type of system your business needs you need to have a clear view what type of features and capabilities your business needs. Do you need an auto attendant, voicemail, call forwarding, integration with e mail etc.
  2. How many of my staff are using the phone system? This will determine the number of telephone extensions you will need. Does your phone system meet your needs now and your future requirements?
  3. Your phone system needs to be scalable so as your business grows you can add extensions as you take on new employees. Are you planning to have home workers? Being able to extend your phone system instead of having to buy a new one will save you money in the longer term. Therefore you need to try and forecast how quickly is your business likely to grow. This is especially true with small businesses that can grow very quickly.
  4. Longevity of supply. Check out the manufacturer of the phone system as some of the less well known brands have not been around for long and others have withdrawn from the market place
  5. Do you require business maintenance cover? This will depend on how critical the phone system is to your business. If you cannot afford to be without the phones than we recommend that it is more effective and cost efficient to take out maintenance cover for the new system rather than pay for engineer call outs and parts.
  6. Ensure the compatibility with the existing phones, cabling, headsets, conference equipment.
  7. Finally remember that the purchase installation and of the correct telephone system for your business needs is a business critical decision and it is imperative to get the right system that meets your current and future business needs. The prosperity of your business depends upon getting this decision right first time and if you follow these simple guidelines you will be more prepared than most!
  8. If you are still unsure… than do not worry. Why not give us a call and our expert engineers will arrange to come out and consult with you.

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