Tips on Buying a System

Before you start even researching what type of system your business needs you need to have a clear view what type of features and capabilities your business needs. Do you need an auto attendant, voicemail, call forwarding, integration with e mail etc. How many of my staff are using the phone system? This will determine […]

Hosted VoIP for Small Businesses

We are getting a lot of enquiries from small customers about the advantages of Hosted VoIP. Like most other technologies it is an excellent option if deployed correctly but far too many enterprises confuse VoIP with free calls over the internet and this  is certainly not the case in most circumstances. Organisations considering hosted VoIP […]

Analogue or Digital telephone system?

Buying analogue or digital telephone systems? Analogue telephone systems have been around for decades and are proven, reliable and very robust. Voice quality is excellent and one would be pressed hard to spot the difference in voice quality between analogue and digital system. However, when buying a new phone system which is likely to last […]

voip phone systems

Whether you are moving to a new office location and require a new telephone system, considering an upgrade to VoIP phone system or an entirely different communications phone system London telephone systems – Mint Network is the answer you have been looking for. London telephone systems carry mainly Panasonic VoIP phone systems as our research […]

How to save money on BT Business Lines and call charges

What is CPS?  Carrier pre Selection uses access codes to route calls and lines via an alternative network and these are implemented at the exchange as opposed to customer’s premises. Therefore as the call reaches the BT exchange, the access code which is administered by OFCOM and only issued to licensed operators tells the exchange […]

What is WLR3?

Historically line rental solutions and Least Cost Routing or Carrier Pre Select (CPS) as it’s known today have always come from BT. In order to fully understand the impact WLR3 has had on the industry lets first have a look at how BT is structured as a business. In 2005 UK communications regulator OFCOM decreed […]